5 in Season Ingredients for April

Easter is such a beautiful time of the year with life springing up around you. Read on for 5 of our favourite in-season ingredients this month, as well as some great recipes to cook with them.

Royal jersey new potatoes

If you want to pay that little bit extra for jersey royals, now is the time to do it. If you want your potatoes to have pride and place on the dinner table, try recipes like tartiflette, or potato gratin, to make sure they get the attention they deserve.  You could even switch it up and try them in our Saag Aloo or Bombay Potatoes

Spring onions/spring greens

Unsurprisingly, spring greens are coming into their own this month. Spring onions go brilliantly with chives, parsley, and other fresh herbs. Whilst they can be scattered raw over dishes, they also cook wonderfully with butter. If you feel really adventurous, we’ve found this deepfried spring onion recipe which certainly looks like it’s worth a try…


Our ricotta and spinach aubergine rolls are a lovely vegetarian main that makes the most of spinach. See the recipe kit here and the recipe here.  If you fancy something a little ‘spicier’, saag paneer (or saag aloo) are great spinach curry recipes and offer that fantastic green colour to a curry night. See our recipe here and buy the recipe kit here.


The delicious kiwi can have its moment! Obviously, it goes without saying that a kiwi is a lovely addition to any fruit salad, but have you ever tried kiwi bread? Take a look at this recipe here and you’ll never look back! If you’re struggling to view this link on your desktop, it will most probably work on your phone.


Crabcakes, crab linguine, and crab dip. We’ve got our covered. Click on each to see our recommended recipes.


Let us know what you're cooking this April, and tag us in social media on your posts. We love to see them!

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