Our Mission

Siblings Rosie and Matthew passionately felt that access to fresh spices, that were full of flavour and ethically sourced, were difficult to come by and often came in excessive quantities that were wasted and lost their flavour on the shelf.

They knew there had to be a solution, and so The Teaspoon Club was born.

The Teaspoon Club is commited to being Waste-free

That’s why we only sell spices in the quantities you need, so they don’t go to waste sat on the shelf. Out-of-date spices have very poor ability to flavour dishes, which is why it’s so important to only buy them in the quantities you need.

Our recipe kits are also perfect for no waste - just the right amount of spices you need to make delicious dishes with. We are proud that all of our packaging is home-compostable or recyclable.

How It Works


We use NatureFlex, a plant-based plastic alternative, to package our spices in, and our labels are made from recycled paper. This is why our jar refill sizes of spices are so great - refill your spice jars with no wasteful packaging.

With every order placed, we plant a tree in a country where our spices come from.

We firmly believe that the value of the spices we sell comes from the care, resources, and energy put into growing these spices. By planting a tree, we hope you can see the true value of the products you receive, as we reinvest back into the earth that provides us with these incredible ingredients, regenerating land and reducing atmospheric CO2.


Spices are sourced from Soil Association Certified and EU Organic suppliers

The majority of The Teaspoon Club’s spices are sourced from Soil Association Certified and EU Organic suppliers. The Soil Association Organic certification ensures that production looks after the longevity and biodiversity of the soil that helps produce them. We are currently working towards our own certification, so we can label our products Soil Association Certified. Watch this space!

Think We're Missing a Trick?

We’re not perfect and we’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you think we could be doing something differently, drop us an email or give us a call. 


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