5 in Season Ingredients for June

It's the height of summer and the time for barbecues. Read on for 5 of our favourite in-season ingredients this month, as well as some great recipes to cook with them.

Summer fruits

Summer fruits are at their absolute prime this month. They’re full of flavour and now really is the perfect time to use them.
Have a go at BBC Good Food’s twist on the classic eton mess by clicking here:  and their summer fruits drizzle cake here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/summer-fruit-drizzle-cake




The delicate aniseed flavour of this bulb and fronds make this vegetable enormously versatile. Slice thinly and sprinkle over salads, or roast for a richer flavour. Check out this fennel gratin recipe from BBC Good Food by clicking here, and take a look at this Guardian Food link to their 10 favourite fennel recipes by clicking here.



The aubergine is such a meaty and rich-flavoured vegetable, it’s a great ingredient for meat-lovers looking to try more vegetarian food. Our aubergine bharta uses smoked aubergines to make a delicious aubergine curry (view it here), and our baba ghanoush is a favourite dip (view it here).




The British asparagus season is short, so be sure to act while you can. You can cook them in a whole host of ways: blanching them allows them to keep their crunchy texture, whilst griddling them allows you to blacken them nicely. You could also roast them to stir through risottos or pasta dishes. This Tuscan-style roasted asparagus recipe is delicious (click here), and this asparagus and salmon quiche is simply sublime (click here). 



Courgettes are at their best from early June to October. If you're growing your own, you can also use the flowers in recipes. Most recipes using the flowers call for them to be deep fried, but this pasta recipe from Gennaro Contaldo calls for them to be fried in a pan with stock. View this recipe by clicking here. This courgette curry recipe from 'tea for turmeric' is also a brilliant way to use your courgettes (click here).

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