Spice up 2018

Want to spice up 2018?
Here are our top ideas to try something new this year

Save some cash - dining in is the new dining out!

Trying to save a bit of cash this January? Why not have a dinner party rather than hitting the restaurants? You don't have to worry about who's driving (or taxi fares) and a little money can go a long way when you're doing it yourself.

We have two options to help you out. Our easy dinner party for 4 selection box has all the spices you need to host: saffron almonds to nibble with drinks, chicken tikka, and cardamom rice pudding. They're very easy recipes, and the selection box comes with recipe cards that tell you all the cupboard basics you will need to make them, as well as easy step by step instructions.

We also have a dinner party for 4 selection box that takes a bit more effort for those of you who fancy the challenge. It includes all the spices to make saffron almonds, roasted parsnip soup, cardamom butter chicken, samosas, and sugar and spice lemon panna cotta.

Fancy some cocktails to start the evening? Check out our cocktail recipes here

Sugar and spice lemon panna cotta


Want to a bit healthier? Ditch the takeaways

We are all too familiar with that Friday night feeling, when cooking just seems too much effort. But before you pick up the phone, take a look at some of our quick fixes for dinner. We have so many recipes that are very quick to make, and taste far better than a curry that's been transported a few miles to reach you. Check out out curry selection here; we promise you'll have a lot more fun cooking than you will waiting for your takeaway to arrive. Check out this chicken balti that you could whip up yourself

Chicken balti

Try something new

Want to make 2018 a memorable year? How about doing something you've never done before! At The Teaspoon Club, we are sick of the resolutions that tell you NOT to do something anymore, or that focus on punishing yourself for something you did badly the previous year. Why not make this a positive year and challenge yourself to try something new! It could be yoga, it could be an art class, or it could be going somewhere you've never been before.

Healthy swaps

If you are trying to be a bit healthier, there's a few simple swaps you can do to notice the difference without any extreme lifestyle changes. Change4life have some great tips for this, but we can also recommend our meal kits. A curry jar from your local supermarket is full of salts, preservatives, and saturated fats. Our recipe bundles are also cheaper, and more fun to cook with. This is true for all our recipe bundles, where they really are so much better for you than a jar from your store. Look out for our future blog post coming soon which compares the nutritional content of meal kits from your local supermaket with our own recipe bundles

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