Desserts to impress this February

Whatever your reason for cooking this February, here are five recipes we think will impress even the toughest of judges (and you don’t need a cooking qualification to make them!)

Saffron cream with biscuits and strawberries

Our saffron cream with biscuits and strawberries is a very light and delicate dessert.

Saffron cream is layered with strawberries in a clear round glass

We think it’s great for a three-course dinner when you’re looking for something light to finish. The subtle flavour of saffron pairs wonderfully with the strawberries, and it also tinges the cream a beautiful colour. This dessert can’t be made in advance (though the biscuits can), but it is still reasonably easy to make on the night. You can see our recipe here and buy the kit by clicking here.

No-cook chocolate tart

This no-cook chocolate tart by BBC Good food is an absolute crowd pleaser. The fact it can be made up to two-days before definitely adds to its appeal, but we also think it looks rather elegant too- a definite winner for chocolate fans everywhere!

Sugar & Spice Lemon Panna Cotta

This panna cotta has a slight twist from the classic vanilla with star anise, pink peppercorns, and cloves.

Lemon panna cotta is on a white plate with red raspberries on the top and on the side. A sprig of mint is on the top

It maintains the light flavour a panna cotta should have, but with slightly deeper layers of flavour to keep it interesting. This is a perfect dessert to make a couple of days in advance and serve with a fresh fruit homemade coulis. It won’t take too long to prepare, but we’re pretty confident your guests will be impressed. See the recipe by clicking here and buy the recipe kit by clicking here.

Limoncello syllabub 

Possibly the easiest recipe we’ve listed here, the impressiveness of this dessert definitely comes in the presentation. It looks really elegant in long tall glasses, and as a no-cook dessert it means you can free up your time to focus on other parts of your meal. Fantastic.

Lemon souffle 

We couldn’t write a blog called impressive desserts and not include a souffle. This lemon souffle will take just under an hour to prepare, but is really delicious and worth the effort. It’s all about timing with souffle, so make sure you’re not going to face any interruptions at vital moments before you get started!


If you try any of these desserts, let us know in the comments and tag us in any pictures.

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