5 in Season Ingredients for March

Spring is around the corner and with it come some great ingredients that are entering their best time of year. Read on for 5 of our favourite in-season ingredients this month, as well as some great recipes to cook with them.

Bell Pepper

Our spiced paprika peppers are a great way to start using more peppers, and they go excellent with toast and cheese as a tapas or appetiser. There are also some fabulous stuffed pepper recipes out there, like this recipe from Allrecipes. We also love our Cajun chicken gumbo which uses green and red peppers. See the recipe here and buy the recipe kit here.


Salmon is such a versatile and meaty fish.

We like to add our chilli and lime rub to ours (see the recipe here and the recipe kit here), which makes for a healthy and easy dinner. We also like this recipe for creamy salmon pasta, as well as these delicious fishcakes

Sweet potato

The humble sweet potato can offer so much to our tastebuds. Try them roasted with a little spice like this, in a curry like our red lentil dahl with tempering oil, or in an American casserole like this

Finally, if you’re feeling really adventurous, try them in these deliciously moreish vegan brownies.


Rhubarb is a fairly traditional flavour and is often underrated as a result. This delicate rhubarb and vanilla jam is delicious and a bestseller from The Teaspoon Club. See the recipe here and the recipe kit here. The rhubarb and saffron tart is another yummy way of using rhubarb in a dessert, with the recipe here and recipe kit available to buy here.

If you fancy a more traditional English pudding, this warm rhubarb baked pudding is sure to give you what you’re looking for.


Is there little better at 11am than banana bread? We’re unsure, and Genius Kitchen is our go-to recipe. If this link doesn’t work on your computer (likely for UK residents), try it on your phone instead, as it should work there and really is worth following. We also love the more unusual banana jam like this recipe here


Let us know what you like cooking in March!

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