Fishcake tacos with mango salsa

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Recipe kit comes in home compostable, plant-based packaging.

Crispy fishcakes are wrapped up with a spiced yoghurt dressing in this spicy kit. It's perfect as part of a Mexican feast or for a lunch.
The mango salsa is a must-try, and our spice kit comes with two stages- one for your cod fishcakes and one for your spiced yoghurt dressing. 

You can view the recipe by clicking here.

In the kit:

Two spice mixes ready to make your fishcake tacos, including ground cumin, paprika, smoked paprika, basil, chilli flakes, oregano, and garlic powder.

You will need:

Garlic cloves (2)
Coriander (large handful, finely chopped)
Lime (2, zested and juiced)
Salt (1/2 tsp)
White fish fillets (400g)
Plain flour (4 tbsp)
Egg (1)
Breadcrumbs (60g)
Vegetable oil (100 ml)
Mango (1, thinly sliced)
Red chilli (1 deseeded, finely chopped)
Red pepper (1, thinly sliced)
Red onion (1, thinly sliced)
Yoghurt (200ml)
Tortillas or hard taco shells (6 large)

We source many of our spices from Soil Associate Organic Certified producers and are working towards certification ourselves.




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