Wearth London welcomes The Teaspoon Club

In April, The Teaspoon Club was very proud to become a brand hosted on ethical marketplace Wearth London.

 What is Wearth London?

Wearth describes itself as ‘an online marketplace partnering with eco-friendly and ethical UK brands, making it easy for you to shop and live more consciously.’ 

You'll find all products on their websites are vegan.


Wearth loves our values

Wearth allows you to shop brands by values, so we've broken down each of ours that feature on the site to explain a little more about them to you.

Natural ingredients

All our spices are natural products. The majority of The Teaspoon Club’s spices are sourced from Soil Association Certified and EU Organic suppliers. The Soil Association Organic certification ensures that production looks after the longevity and biodiversity of the soil that helps produce them. We are currently working towards our own certification, so we can label our products Soil Association Certified. When we do, we'll also list 'organic' as one of our values. Watch this space!



Plastic-free and sustainable materials

These are two different values on Wearth, and two values we take very seriously. 

We are proud that all of our packaging is home-compostable or recyclable. We use NatureFlex, a plant-based plastic alternative, to package our spices in, and our labels are made from recycled paper. This is why our jar refill sizes of spices are so great - refill your spice jars with no wasteful packaging. See more on our packaging in the sketch below.


Social contribution

With every order placed, we plant a tree in a country where our spices come from. We firmly believe that the value of the spices we sell comes from the care, resources, and energy put into growing these spices. By planting a tree, we hope you can see the true value of the products you receive, as we reinvest back into the earth that provides us with these incredible ingredients, regenerating land and reducing atmospheric CO2.




Not all of our recipes are vegan on our website, and we do sell bee pollen. The three selections that we list on Wearth are, however, totally vegan. These are: Essential spice selection box, Essential herb selection box, and our Vegan dinners selection box.


Made in the UK:


Let's be clear: we are not growing our spices in the UK! However, all spices and spice recipe kits are packed on our premises in the UK by our lovely staff. If you'd like to know where each spice comes from, you will find their country of origin listed on each product page.

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