Top Tips for a Less Wasteful Christmas

We all know how wasteful Christmas can be, but hopefully these tips will help us reduce the amount we're throwing away this year. We're covering wrapping, food, decorations and more!


When it comes to decorations, we've got to start with the tree. Asides from making your own, there are plenty of plastic-free options to choose from. This eco-friendly tinsel from Make It Wild is made from recycled paper and copper wire, and looks beautiful as a garland over a tree or draped over frames. Take a look here. Pompoms are also a great addition to a tree to swap out the plastic based tree decorations, and marketplaces like Etsy are packed full of homemade options. 

Get natural this year by making your own wreath from scratch, using leafy foliage and pinecones, spices like cinnamon and cloves, and dried oranges to add a splash of colour. This guide by Tom Raffield is a great place to get started.



When it comes to wrapping paper, make sure you use plastic-free, fully recyclable paper- the plainer the better! Steer clear of any plasticky finished, foil, or glitter, and buy recycled wrapping paper if possible. You can add to your presents with natural products like orange slices, cinnamon sticks, dried berries, and other natural products- which can easily be reused!


Box wrapped in parcel paper surrounded by fairy lights and scattered with cinnamon sticks and orange slices


When it comes to dinnertime, there are plenty of eco-friendly swaps you can make. To begin with, you could purchase plastic-free crackers. With many crackers available including only little woodend decorations, you can cut out the plastic with purchases like these from the RSPB. To cut out the throw-away nature of crackers, you could opt for reusable crackers like these from Not On The High Street, or make your own using fabric.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, find creative ways to cut out food waste with these brilliant leftover recipes from BBC Good Food.


Although many people may already be embracing the e-card hype, if you're a traditionalist at heart there are still plenty of ways  for you to make sure you're making good card choices. The Little Green Paper Shop cards are made from seed paper, which you can submerge in water after receiving to grow trees! They also have cards made from elephant poop, reindeer poop, and sugarcane paper.  



There are plenty of ethical gift guides for even the trickiest person to buy for. We don't think we can beat them, so instead we've pulled together a couple of our favourites here (keep your eyes peeled for a Teaspoon Club mention or two!).

 Gifts for men

Gifts for children

Gifts for foodies


A brown box with the printed Teaspoon Club logo is surrounded by fairy lights and ivy


Have a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you a Happy New Year from everyone at The Teaspoon Club

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