The Teaspoon Club's Gift Guide 2017

If you need a little inspiration for some gifts this Holiday season, read on to check out our gift guide

The "secret santa" at work

Not something most people look forward to, this can be a tricky tone to strike right. We'd highly recommend one of our selection boxes, which were a sell-out at our most recent weekend fair for secret santa gifts. With many selection boxes coming in at under £5.00, plus more expensive ones available for a higher budget, there's bound to be something that fits for you. And, if you feel like something a little more personal, try putting together your own box by selecting recipe bundles you think they'll love.


Our Christmas selection box shown here contains 5 recipe bundles and their recipe cards (mulled wine, mulled cider, mince pies, saffron almonds, and cardamom biscuits) and costs £4.00


To take to a Christmas Party

You could take the usual bottle, or you could take a mulled wine spice mix to help the host make some authentic mulled wine themselves. It's got whole cinnamon sticks (good quality, full of flavour cinnamon sticks), a whole nutmeg to grate, star anise, cloves, allspice berries, and ginger, as well as a recipe card with instructions on what to do. Perfect to spice up some Christmas drinks the traditional way.


For a child

If you managed to come and see us at one of our Christmas Festivals recently, you will have seen us selling some cookie jars like the ones below. Unfortunately, we don't sell these online, but that doesn't mean you can't make your own. Buy the dry ingredients to make some of your favourite biscuits, and a mason jar, and layer them up prettily in the jar. Tie some ribbon around and a label - you could even add a cookie cutter if you like - just make sure you give them the recipe too. Check out our matcha choc chip cookies for inspiration, and you could buy the niche ingredients premeasured and our recipe card to go with it.


The stocking fillers

Any of our recipe bundles can be purchased along with a gift bag like the ones below (which also come in red, and as little stockings). These make wonderful stocking fillers and can cost less than a couple of pounds when filled. They're perfect for a range of tastes as our bundles cover a whole host of categories (drinks, bakes, mains, sides, smoothies, soups and more). Just the kind of unusual gift we love to fill a stocking with. We even met a customer recently who used our bundles to put inside her homemade Christmas crackers- very creative!




The person who already has everything

We can't really help you here, but we do know a shop that can. Check out to find out how you can buy someone a gift that gives to those who really need it this Christmas. 




Whatever you might be looking for as presents this year, all our products make great surprises as we are a new business many are yet to hear of

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