The Fiery Heart of Harissa Paste: A Spice Sensation

We've launched our brand new harissa paste spice kit along with 5 accompanying recipes, all of which you can find in our brand new harissa spice selection box.


Harissa paste is the culinary gem of North Africa, a spice blend that encapsulates the vibrant and exotic flavors of the region. Its fiery, aromatic profile has made it a beloved ingredient in kitchens worldwide, elevating dishes and igniting taste buds with its distinctive heat. In this blog, we delve deep into the world of harissa paste, exploring its origins, ingredients, and uses.

The Origins of Harissa Paste: A Taste of North Africa

Harissa, the fiery and aromatic spice paste, has a captivating history that traces back to the heart of North Africa. Its origins can be attributed to the diverse culinary traditions of the Maghreb region, which encompasses modern-day Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya. The word "harissa" itself is believed to have been derived from the Arabic word "ḥarasa," which means "to pound" or "to crush," signifying the preparation method for this spice blend. The precise origin of harissa is a matter of debate, as it has evolved over centuries, influenced by the culinary practices of various North African cultures. Nevertheless, Tunisia is often credited as the homeland and primary producer of harissa paste.


The core ingredients of harissa typically include:

Peppers: Harissa's signature heat comes from a variety of chili peppers, most notably the fiery red chili pepper known as "Baklouti" in Tunisia. Our kit uses two types of chillied; guajillo which offers a smoky flavour, and de arbol brings a fiery kick. These two together makes for a perfect harissa paste. Our kit also adds jarred roasted peppers, adding a sweeter pepper taste to your paste.

Spices: Extra spices are absolutely necessary in your harissa paste. Spices like cumin, coriander, and caraway seeds are used to enhance the overall flavor profile of harissa paste. Each spice contributes its unique aromatic and taste qualities, creating a complex and harmonious blend of flavors that makes harissa distinctively delicious.

Tomato puree: Adds a richness to your paste.

Garlic cloves: Adds umami, the fifth basic taste, to harissa. Garlic contributes aromatic depth to the paste, making it more than just a source of heat.  

Olive Oil and lemon juice: Extra virgin olive oil is used to create a smooth paste and balance the heat of the chili peppers.

Salt: Salt is added to enhance the overall taste and preserve the paste.

The preparation of harissa involves grinding or blending these ingredients into a thick, fiery paste. Traditionally, it was made using a mortar and pestle, a process that showcased the dedication and skill of the cook. Today, we often blitz it in an electric blender, but traditional methods are still cherished by those who appreciate the artistry of homemade harissa.

Harissa Paste Beyond the Basics: Creative Uses

In recent years, harissa has gained international popularity, transcending its North African roots. It has become a sought-after ingredient in kitchens worldwide, celebrated for its ability to add a kick of flavor and heat to a wide range of dishes.

Harissa paste is incredibly versatile. In our selection box, we showcase its myriad applications, from a flavor-packed marinade for grilled meats to a zesty condiment for sandwiches, a dip for veggies, and a pasta sauce. Use your harissa paste however you want to!

Buying Harissa Paste: A Guide to Choosing the Best

If you are buying harissa paste rather than making your own, examine the ingredients list carefully. Authentic harissa paste should contain chili peppers, spices (at a minimum cumin and coriander), garlic, olive oil, and salt. Avoid products with excessive additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. You should also pay attention to the type of chili pepper used in the harissa paste. Harissa paste can also vary significantly in terms of spiciness. Some brands offer mild versions, while others are intensely hot. Check the packaging for information on the spice level to ensure it matches your desired heat intensity.

Get cooking!

In the world of culinary delights, harissa paste stands as a fiery ambassador of North African cuisine, infusing dishes with its bold and complex flavors. Whether you choose to craft it yourself or select from the array of ready-made options, the journey with harissa is one of spice, tradition, and unforgettable taste. Explore the world of harissa paste and let its allure ignite your culinary imagination.

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