Spring Cleaning: Updating All Our Recipes

We've been really busy at The Teaspoon Club redesigining all our recipes... If you're wondering why, read on to hear about exciting new development at our HQ.

Organic Spices

We're switching to 100% fully organic spices. This ensures no artificial colous and preservatives are contained, which can be found in other spices.  In many spices, anti-clumping agents are used which include some chemicals. For organic spices, these chemicals aren't used which maintains the integrity of the ingredient. It does require a bit of readjusting when using though- they are more likely to clump and do need gently breaking apart with a fork sometimes.  

We know this might change the flavours of our kits a bit, as some of these spices will be more potent or have different flavour profiles. It's also part of what makes exploring spices and flavours so enjoyable! You can try any of our spices from a teaspoon up to a jar refill, making it really easy to experiment with different flavours and find new combinations you love.    

Why organic?

This means production looks after the longevity and biodiversity of the soil that helps produce our spices. It enhances the health of the soil, which ultimately stores more carbon. It also demands higher welfare for farm animals and increases biodiversity on farms. 

Our recipes

With new spices, we wanted to take a thorough look at our spice recipe kits. We needed to make sure they all provided you with the richest flavour experience, ensuring that the recipes you whip up in the kitchen using our spices are uniquely delicious. We've achieved that perfect spice blend that only many, many practice kitchens can achieve.

We've been working through all of our previous recipe kits, and adding more. We've been improving them all to make sure they make the most of the quality of our spices, offering you the perfect spice blend time and time again.  

Quality costs

You might have noticed that our spices and spice recipe kits cost a bit more than your average supermarket spice. We hope this article goes some way to explaining why... High quality spices, that look after your tastebuds and the planet, cost more! It really is that simple. 

We can't guarantee we'll be the cheapest, but we can be confident that you'll taste the difference with every sprinkle. 

What next?

Look out for the labelling on all our products, recipe kits and individual spices, in the coming weeks! We'll also be launching our new and improved recipe kits very soon. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you never miss an announcement. 


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