Spice up your BBQ - top tips

Getting ready for the Great British Summer?
Keep your BBQ fresh this Summer with our top tips

Mariandes and rubs will transform your barbie!

Adding a marinade or rub to your veg or meat on a barbecue is a great way to add flavour without compromising on texture. They can often trap the moisture in, leaving your meat and veg tender and succulent but full of flavour. 

They're also a great way to go if you want to avoid thick and sticky sauces full of sugars and salts on your bbq table; spices are a brilliant, authentic way to add flavour. 
We've got a Mediterannean rub, a spicy pineapple rub, a smoky BBQ rub, and a chicken tikka marinade. Click on them to take a look!


Fruity tooty all the way

In our opinion, fruit on the BBQ is enormously underrated. Pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, nectarines, apricots, plums, and mangoes are all delicious on the bbq. You can pop them on the BBQ for just a couple of minutes and serve them warm with ice cream or cream. Incredible! We also like our spicy pineapple rub to rub into both sides of pineapple rings before we bbq them, like this one below:

It's all in the details

Side dishes at a BBQ can transform your meal. We like this spiced black bean quinoa salad (pictured below) and also think Mexican dishes can go down a treat. Check out some of our favourites, like the trio of dips with nachos (pictured below), frijoles, grilled corn marinade, and more. You can easily cater for everyone with a couple of sides like these (and you can make lots in advance!)


Seasonal fruits, BBQ'd or not!

Summer fruits are just so delicious when they're in season, and such a low-effort, light way to finish off a BBQ. Strawberries and cream is a classic for a reason, but we also love rhubarb this time of year. If you fancy trying a more adventurous dessert, we can definitely recommend our sugar and spice lemon panna cotta, or our tartes aux fraises. See even more of our desserts and puddings here.

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