Positive Environment News from 2020: A Roundup

A reason for some optimism! There are some positive stories emerging from 2020 regarding the environment. We know it's not the answer to the enormous problem before us, but we still think we can take a moment to celebrate these wins.

Imperial College research

Imperial college is set to help fight climate change with research and innovation targetted at helping society achieve zero pollution. It's also set to become the World's leading centre of air pollution research, and is establishing the Centre for Climate Change Innovation along with the Mayor of London. 

Read more about their fantastic work by clicking here.


Beavers build back first Exmoor dam in 400 years

Following a National Trust Project to reintroduce beavers into the wild in Somerset last January, the rodents built their first dam in 400 years in November. 

Read more about this brilliant success story by clicking here.

Funding for green initiatives doubles

Donations from both individuals and charities to green causes has more than doubled since 2016, hitting £250m in 2020 from the UK alone. The Guardian covers this positive news in the link here, seeing rises in funding to forest preservation in Poland, wetland protection in Montenegro, a deposit return scheme in Scotland, and more.

 Australia saves the world's dinosaur trees

Folllowing bushfires in Australia, the hard work of firefighters has saved the world-famous Wollemi pines in New South Wales. With less than 200 trees remaining in the wild, their resuce efforts have saved the trees from destruction. Read more here.



One million fruit trees planted in India to fight hunger

The charity we plant trees through (read more about that on our mission page here) have rounded up positive stories about the environment from 2020, covering a whopping 31! They cover Wildlife, Environmental Justice, Reforestation, Covid19, and more. Read their brilliant article here.

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