Homemade gift ideas

Homemade gifts are such a nice thing to both give and receive, so we've listed a few of our favourites here


This is The Teaspoon Club's own homemade granola, which you can buy for £1.99 by clicking here. It makes a sweet snack for party favours, and if you're feeling generous the whole jar looks great too




Macarons can be so expensive to buy, and although homemade don't quite have the same finish as store-bought, they look quite charming for it. Our favourite recipe is by The Spruce, but there are plenty of great recipes online. They're also nowhere nearly as hard to make as people think- just make sure you let the shells harden on top before you bake them




With summer fruits ripe and ready, a berry compote is delicious for breakfast, stirred into puddings, and making your own ice lollies- the possibilities are endless! Making your own drastically reduces the sugar content, and with mason jars like these on sale in Hobby Craft for as little as £1.00, they make a lovely gift




These delicious oat cookies look so sweet all tied up in a selaphane bag- and they post well too for any long distance friends or families. The triple chocolate chip are always the first to go though


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