Halloween Hosting

Thinking of hosting a Halloween party? Or just fancy doing something seasonal? We have a couple of ideas we fancied sharing.

Decorate with some seasonal vegetables

Squashes are such wonderful colours and can spruce up a table setting immediately.

Decorative gourds and pumpkins in a basket, with oranges, greens, and yellows on display

We love these decorative (though inedible!) squashes and think they brighten up a table beautifully. Ordinary squash can also work wonderfully too- with a variety of colours, shapes, and textures, it’s a lovely way to put the colours of Autumn on your table.

Don’t throw your pumpkins away!

Your pumpkins are so full of flavour and can be put to excellent use after Halloween.

Pumpkin bread is sliced, with a halloween pumpkin in the backgroun

Roast the pumpkins with a little oil and scoop out the flesh before blending into pumpkin puree. You can freeze this and use it for all kinds of recipes- like pumpkin bread (a sweet baked bread, rather like banana bread), pumpkin pie, or even pumpkin risotto.

Have a go at making your own toffee apples

They’ll keep little ones and big ones happy, and they’re a fun activity (supervision by an adult is essential given boiling sugar). We have a subtly spiced recipe kit here, but the recipe can be used to same without our spice kit to create some traditional ones too. You can view it here.

6 Toffee apples stand on a chopping board

Spooky snacks

Spooky snacks are all the rage, with ample inspiration over on Pinterest. Check out our board here and you can see lots of themed snacks- from ghost cakes and cookies to ‘eyeballs’ and other more realistic scary treats! They’re a brilliant half-term activity if you’re entertaining children too.

There you have it! Tag us in any of your social media posts if you give these a go- we love seeing what you get up to.

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