Father's Day Recipe Ideas

If anyone out there has similar organisation skills to us over here at The Teaspoon Club, we thought a bit of last minute Father's Day inspiration wouldn't go amis for you. 

Our top 4 recipes for Father's Day

Marrakech Lamb with tahini squash gratin - £2.20

This lamb dish is such a firm favourite in our house- I'm yet to meet any meat-eater who doesn't love it. The stuffing is pretty unique and looks like a lot of effort - though all made easier when buying it as a bundle from us. This dish takes a bit longer but is very impressive, so if you really want Dad points we can't recommend this enough. The bundle costs £2.20, serves 6, and includes two pinches of saffron, which you can buy directly from us by clicking here. To see the full recipe and all the other ingredients and meat you'd need, click the link here










Spiced Aubergine Bake - £1.69

 This aubergine bake is a great vegetarian dish with rich flavours- perfect for any veggie Dads out there. It costs £1.69 and you can buy the bundle by clicking here. To see the full recipe click here




Chicken Balti - £1.99

If your Dad loves a curry on a Friday night, treat him to a homemade balti this weekend with our chicken balti bundle. It's full of flavour and much better for you than a takeaway, serving 4 people for only £1.99. You can buy the bundle here and check out the recipe by clicking the link here. It's full of flavour and bound to go down a storm, plus all the ingredients you'll need other than our bundle are household staples!




The Teaspoon Club's Nutty Granola - £1.69

Already got dinner plans, but still want to make something for your Dad? This homemade granola is a lovely gift and will last for plenty of breakfasts. Our bundle is £1.69 and includes the honey, seeds, and flavourings you need to make a delicious cereal. All you'll need is oats, sunflower oil, and any nuts of your choice. Buy the bundle by clicking here, or check out the full recipe by clicking here






We hope you enjoy Father's Day this weekend- if you do cook up a #TTC special, let us know by tagging us (@theteaspoonclub) on social media and you could win some freebies

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