Eco-friendly camping trips

With holidays starting to take place again all across the UK, we've rounded up 5 of our top tips to keep your camping trip a little bit greener. 

Invest in reusables

There are so very many things that can be bought in disposable form for camping trips, from baby wipes to cultery and plates. Invest in some good quality, durable bamboo alternatives so you can use them again and again. For wipes, there are some brilliant compostable options, like these here

Natural products

When it comes to personal hygiene and cleaning products, use natural options. Biodegradable and natural products for shampoo, soap, washing-up liquid, and toothpaste will all minimise the impact you have when you go camping.  There's a great selection to get you started on the Ethical Superstore here



The power of solar

It's not such a problem in the UK, where long summer evenings mean we have natural lighting well into the night, but invest in some solar powered gadgets to use when it gets dark. Here's a round-up of some of the best solar lanterns, with reviews covering a range of budgets, to get you started. 

Shop local

And finally, shop local where you can! Don't transport food along with you- buy from local providers and suppliers once you reach your destination. You can both minimise food miles and enjoy the best of the local produce! 


When it comes to campfires, start small. Limit the amount of kindling you forage, and don't burn anything in the fire directly (apart from a marshmallow or two!).  

Leave nothing behind

You've heard it before, but it really is a golden rule: take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. 


What are your top tips for holidaying in a greener way? We've love to hear them.

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