Designing our logo

Having agreed on our company name, we then had to design our logo. Read below to see how, and why, we created it

 We felt it was important to have a design that reflected the philosophy of our company, capturing exactly what drove us to create it. Gillian, our designer, sketched several illustrations of spoons - none of us quite realised just how many ways a spoon could be drawn! After selecting the plain, simple spoon, we digitalised the image and began to experiment with how to incorporate our company name

Having always intended to stamp our packaging with our logo, we knew instantly that a circular design would be the most effective

This led us to what we believe is a memorable, simple, and clear design that represents everything The Teaspoon Club stands for




That's why we personally stamp, by hand, every linen bag that brings your ingredients to you. We recognise that your order is unique, and that's what we deliver each and every time you order


Welcome to the club

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