360° on Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder is deservedly getting a lot of attention at the moment, both in recipes and featuring on menus in lots of cafes. We thought we’d give you the lowdown on the ingredient.

What is it?

Beetroot powder is literally the powdered form of the beetroot flesh. This gives it the fantastic rich colour of beetroot, and can offer the flavour of beetroot without some of the hassle that fresh beetroot can come with (like those pesky beetroot stains!). It’s very easy to consume in powdered form, which is one of the reasons behind its newfound popularity.

What are the health benefits?

Beetroot is full of vitamins A, B6 and C, magnesium, iron, folate, potassium, iron, calcium, proteins, and soluble fibre, as well as being rich in antioxidants. As such, beetroot powder can be said to have the following benefits.

Improved blood flow- The high levels of nitrates in beetroot can improve blood flow and blood pressure

Immune system- with the host of vitamins listed above, it’s hardly surprising that beetroot powder can help the immune system

Energy levels- vitamin B6 can help keep high energy levels

Of course, there are many other benefits that can be said to stem from consuming beetroot powder. The important thing to remember is that, whilst many of these may be experience-based assessments, the nutrient dense beetroot is definitely a healthy addition to anyone’s diet. Also, it’s worth looking at the quality of the beetroot powder you are using. An organic, pure beetroot powder like the one we sell here doesn’t contain fillers, sweeteners, or additives.

How can I eat beetroot powder?

Beetroot powder is a really great addition to smoothies. We sell a beetroot and berries smoothie kit, as well as a beetroot, orange and ginger smoothie. People also use it in salad dressings, in juices, in baking, and even in curries. It’s one of the best natural colourers there are, so you can get creative in how you use it to brighten up your plate.

Two white mugs filled with a pink warm drink topped with frothy milk are on a chopping board surrounded by a bowl full of bright pink beetroot powder, a cinnamon stick, some ground ginger, and a teaspoon

We also offer a recipe kit for this beetroot latte- a lovely coffee-free drink rich with the taste of beetroot.


How do you like your beetroot? Tag us in your creations for a chance of winning some goodies!

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