Thai green vegetable curry - £1.25

Thai green vegetable curry - £1.25

It's a classic dish, and full of flavour. The paste smells incredible when you blitz it- there's nothing like doing it yourself!

COOKS IN 45 mins


In the kit:

The recipe kit includes 3 spice stages for making your Thai red curry paste, including kaffir lime leaves, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds. You will also receive a printed recipe card.

You will need:

Shallots (1, finely chopped)
Lemongrass (1 stick, chopped)
Black peppercorns (5)
Birds-eye green chillies (5-10)
Garlic clove (1)
Ginger (thumb-sized piece grated)
Shrimp paste or salt (1/2 tsp)
Vegetable oil (3 tbsp)
Chicken breasts (3, chopped chunks)
Green beans (200g, chopped)
Baby sweetcorn (1x 130g pack)
Coconut milk (2 x 400ml cans)
Soy sauce or fish sauce (4 tbsp)
Sugar (2 tsp)
Basil leaves (handful of leaves, could use Thai sweet basil leaves)
Rice (to serve)
A handheld blender


it's a classic dish, and full of flavour. The paste smells incredible when you blitz it- there's nothing like doing it yourself!

Our kit costs £1.50 and serves 4


  1. Begin by making your curry paste. To do so, soak your Teaspoon Club spice packet 1 in warm water to soften the lime leaves
  2. Toast the seeds in your Teaspoon Club spice packet 2 in a small pan on a medium heat for 3-5 minutes until they release their fragrance
  3. Place the seeds, drained lime leaves, shallots, lemongrass, peppercorns, chillies, garlic clove, ginger, and shrimp paste/salt into a blender and blitz to create your curry paste. If this mixture is struggling to blitz, gradually add 2-4 tbsp of water to help; the paste will not need to become a complete paste and will remain shredded ingredients. The more chillies you use, and the more you blend the ingredients into a paste, the greener the curry will be. You could achieve this in a pestle and mortar
  4. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok on a low heat and add 4 tablespoons of your green curry paste. Fry lightly, stirring, until fragrance is released
  5. Add carrots and 100 ml of the coconut milk and stir for 3 minutes
  6. Pour in the rest of the open can and half of the remaining can of coconut milk, reserving half for your coconut rice, and add your final Teaspoon Club spice packet mix. Bring to a boil
  7. Add the aubergine, green beans, and sweetcorn and stir well until the vegetables are cooked through. If the mixture is a little thick, gradually add up to 200ml of boiling water to loosen it
  8. Whilst the curry cooks, cook rice as per packet instructions or via absorption method, using your remaining coconut milk as well as water
  9. Add the soy sauce and sugar to your curry and stir to mix thoroughly
  10. Tear in the basil leaves and stir through just before serving
  11. Serve the green curry hot with coconut rice

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