Pink peppercorns

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Pink peppercorns stem from the Brazilian pepper tree, and are ripe berries with a lovely light peppery taste. Their fabulous colour makes them wonderful to cook with - great with seafood dishes. Order a selection of our pink, black and green peppercorns to refill your own grinder.



Mushroom Balti - £1.75

Mushroom Balti - £1.75

This authentic mushroom "Birmingham" Balti is quick to make once the ingredients are prepped and is cooked quickly over a high heat. The flavours are rich and delicious! It serves 4 and our kit costs £1.75

Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Pie

Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Pie

This pie is unbelievably easy to make and just delicious. The spices are warm and rich throughout and the textures are perfect. Brilliant mid-week meal and also looks fantastic at a dinner party.

This kit costs £1.50 and serves 8

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