Our first year in business

We can’t believe it’s been an entire year since we first went live selling our spices and recipe kits online. We’ve been completely overwhelmed with the responses we’ve had, and are so thrilled to have some regular customers who love what we do. It makes us so happy when we receive feedback from people telling us how much they’ve enjoyed cooking our recipes, or how their children have cooked them dinner for the first time. This is entirely the reason we started this business in the first place.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and we’ve had plenty of obstacles to overcome. There’s been a couple of breakdowns in the spice packing station over the year, and one of our biggest fairs ever took place when the snow hit the UK like it hadn’t in years- proving to be a logistical barrier for both ourselves and potential customers! We’ve also had a couple of kitchen disasters in our recipe development (thank you for every recipe taster, by the way), and spent hours driving around finding spices when our supplies were delivered late. It’s safe to say we’ve learnt a lot. All this is totally worth it when we’re told how our product is solving the problems of every day cooking and changing the way that people experience food on their busiest days.

We’d really like to thank every one who has given us a go this year. We’re really hoping to continue to grow this coming year, making cooking from scratch far easier for even more people, and to keep taking recipe inspiration from all members of the Club. One of the things we love about working as part of The Teaspoon Club is that we get to hear about some of your favourite recipes. When you share your personal recipes with us, we love developing them and creating recipe kits out of them so more people can cook your signature dishes too (and we love the personal stories that accompany them).

We can’t believe how far we’ve come this year, and we hope to keep on adapting to make our business exactly what you want it to be. It wouldn’t be a Club without everyone who contributes to it, so thank you for helping us make The Teaspoon Club what it is!

Here’s to our second year,          

The Teaspoon Club

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