How does it work?


The Teaspoon Club is all about making delicious, authentic cooking from scratch quick.

You can either choose our own recipe kits with ready-to-add spice stages, or you can buy the ingredients you need for your own


A step by step instruction cartoon. Step 1, choosing your kits, with a picture of a cartoon open box. Step 2, a printed recipe card is given with every kit. Step 3, Follow the recipe card with cartoon pictures of fresh ingredients. Step 4, Enjoy delicious meals from scratch. A cartoon of a warm bowl of food with salt and pepper


Don't want to read all this? Check out the video here that explains it all. If you can't watch it right now, read below to find out more.











If you like the look of our recipes, just select the kits you want and you'll receive all the niche ingredients you need for the dish premeasured and ready to add. We'll include a printed recipe card with every kit. These include bakes, mains, desserts, soups and more. Check them all out by clicking here.

If you prefer to use your own recipes, you can also buy any individual ingredients you want, in the quantities you want, from as little as half a teaspoon. You can also save your orders as ‘recipes’ if you want to access them quickly to reorder from your account.

We pop them all into a box for you, with each packet clearly labelled so it's easy to know which spices are for which recipes (or which are just for you to try as you choose). The boxes fit through the letterbox easily. The box you'll receive in the post might look something like this one here, but what's inside depends on what you order, and whether or not you add gift bags.


Once you place your order our standard delivery will get your package to you within 2-5 working days.

Use your ingredients as directed, with our labelled bags easy to pour from and always generously heaped.

We also sell selection boxes, which are very popular and often given as gifts. These are boxes that contain several recipe kits fitting a certain theme, like 'curries', or '8 family dinners that take less than 1 hour'. If you buy one of these, it will include all the recipes kits listed in the product description, making choosing that little bit easier.


Cooking from scratch couldn't be simpler!

We do offer a monthly subscription service, which can be bought as one-off purchases here (no pesky direct debits), and can be given as gifts.


*We post all our orders with the Royal Mail Postal service, which we generally find extremely reliable. This is our default option because it is speedy, and the cheapest option we can offer for you. If you would like to guarantee next day delivery though, drop us an email and we can sort that for you no problem.