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Our hassle-free selection box is perfect for people with little equipment and time on their hands, or for complete beginners. All 5 recipe kits found in the box are quick and easy and full of flaour, containing the recipe cards and premeasured spices. Simple and easy! Choose from standard or vegetarian.

Our selection box costs £5.00 and contains 5 meals which each serve at least 4, and you can check out the recipes for each of the dishes by clicking on their names:

Chicken tikka
Smoky chicken quesadilla
Chicken Madras
Beef chilli
Spicy Arrabbiata sauce

Mexican Quinoa
Spicy Arrabbiata sauce
Kashmiri mushroom curry
Vegetarian Chilli

What's in the box?

Our Teaspoon Club spice mixes for all 5 of the recipe kits, as well as recipe cards for each of the dishes, telling you how to make each of them. These will come labelled and premeasured ready for you to pour in when the recipes require- it couldn't be easier. 

The spices including in the spice mixes are: basil, chilli flakes, Italian herbs, oregano, garlic powder marjoram, ginger, chilli powder, turmeric, ground coriander, smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, sage, thyme, bay leaves, chipotle chilli powder, cloves, cardamom pods, curry leaves, fenugreek leaves, salt, paprika, pepper, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garam masala, and bay leaves.

What will I need?

To see a break down of the ingredients each separate dish requires, click on the link for that dish above and you'll see an ingredient list. Most of the ingredients are common things like oil, and fresh vegetables or meat. The total shopping list for all 5 dishes from the standard box is as follows:

Chicken breasts (1.3kg)
Plain yoghurt (150ml)
Lemon juice ( 6 tbsp)
Fresh coriander (to serve)
Vegetable oil (6 tbsp)
Tortillas (6)
Onions (6)
Cheddar cheese (250-300g)
Green chillies (2)
Chopped tomatoes (4 x 400g tin)
Rice to serve
Minced beef (we use less than 5% fat steak mince) (500g)
Red onion, chopped (2)
Red pepper, seeded and chopped (1)
Button mushrooms, quartered
Kidney beans (2 x 400g tin, could substitute for other beans, e.g. black-eyed)
Sweetcorn (1 x 325g tin)
Cream cheese (1 tbsp, optional)
Sugar (1 tsp, optional)
Fresh basil and parmesan (optional)
Pasta, ideally penne, to serve



Mushroom Balti - £1.75

Mushroom Balti - £1.75

This authentic mushroom "Birmingham" Balti is quick to make once the ingredients are prepped and is cooked quickly over a high heat. The flavours are rich and delicious! It serves 4 and our kit costs £1.75

Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Pie

Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Pie

This pie is unbelievably easy to make and just delicious. The spices are warm and rich throughout and the textures are perfect. Brilliant mid-week meal and also looks fantastic at a dinner party.

This kit costs £1.50 and serves 8

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