Cloves (whole)

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Our products come in home compostable, plant-based packaging.

Whole cloves are the dried, brown, and unopened flowers of a plant belonging to the myrtle family. Ours come from Sri Lanka and Tanzania, and offer a very rich flavour. It is deep, fragrant, and sweet with an almost bitter after-taste; some people can find cloves almost taste spicy because the flavour is so deep!

We also have ground cloves available in precise quantities, which are a great spice to cook with.

Our spices are all natural products, and as such the whole cloves can break up during the picking process. In trying to promote waste-free spices, scoops will include these broken pieces and imperfect shapes and sizes. This is perfectly natural and they still taste amazing.

*1/2 cup is bigger than the average jar.

We source many of our spices from Soil Associate Organic Certified producers and are working towards certification ourselves.



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Chicken biryani - £2.75

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