Planning the Perfect Picnic

With British Summerime well and truly underway, we think there’s nothing better than packing a picnic and heading off somewhere lovely to enjoy it. We’ve listed our top 5 picnic essentials here that we never forget on our picnics, as well as some of our favourite picnic locations we’ve been lucky enough to visit this year. Do you have any picnic golden rules or favourite picnic spots? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you




It may sound elementary, but a picnic blanket cannot be emphasised enough. Say no to grassy scratches and creepy crawlies and be prepared with a comfy blanket at all times. We like this one from Tesco for £5.00 and this one for £16.99 from Lakeland. It also makes it a lot more comfortable for an after picnic snooze- we’re looking at you Grandads.


Reuseable cutlery and tableware

There’s nothing worse than realising, once you’re there, that you’ve forgotten the sharp knife for the cheese, or spoons for your sweet treats. Avoid these messy hands by keeping picnic tableware altogether (including napkins) so you can pick them all up at once when it’s time to head off for your picnic. We like these sets from Not on the high street and these from Joules. It’s also much better than the disposable ones- better for the environment, and guaranteed to get you more likes on your social media #likeforlike


Drinks for grown ups and children, and a cooler to keep them in

If you’re fortunate enough to not be the driver, make the most of it by packing a bit of fizz and a load of pimms. You may want to pack some juice for the children too, if you have time. If you’re feeling really adventurous, check out our cocktail recipes here. As British people, we know you’ll want a hot flask of tea however warm the day is, so don’t forget to pack one. You may even want a turmeric latte or a matcha latte, in which case look no further than here and here.



No picnic is complete without some classic finger sandwiches. Salads, crisps, cheese and some fresh bread always go down a treat, but everyone knows the main event is in the sweet treats. Check out our recipe for raw millionaire shortbreads here, and you’ll be the envy of everyone else’s picnic





Bat and ball

Everyone knows that lethargic post-picnic feeling when you just need to do some exercise. By this time, you’re probably also getting on each other’s nerves, which means it a perfect time to channel that competitiveness into your own cricket tournament. It’s likely to have all the stakes of the ashes and none of the skill, which is just how we like it.

Picnic locations:

Thailand, Kanchanaburi, River Kwai

Thailand, Kanchanaburi, River Kwai

Our first Picnic Location is a really memorable one for us as a family. We sat beside the River Kwai on our own raft and enjoyed fabulous freshly cooked treats. The meal we shared could not even be dampened by the slightly disconcerning fire alarm sign that read "In the event of fire keep calm and jump into the river and float to safety".


Italy, FlorenceItaly, Florence

This was in a lovely natural park in Florence with a spectacular view of the city. It made for the perfect picnic where we admittedly enjoyed a few too many local Italian treats.


Turkey, KaşTurkey, Kas

Our final location we have picked was one we enjoyed in 2014. Overlooking the penisula we ate various local Turkish treats sourced from the markets. We would love to revisit this place.


Remember to send us photos of some of your most memorable picnic locations via email ( . We love to see new places to dine! 

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