Bay leaves

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Our products come in home compostable, plant-based packaging.

Ancient Romans and Greeks saw bay leaves as a symbol of wisdom, peace, and protection. Rich in vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A, and minerals, bay leaves can promote digestive health and hair growth. With a complex tea-like flavour these are delicious when added to dishes. Ours are from Turkey.

Bay leaves are a herb and spice cupboard essential, and with our variety of quantities you can make sure that you keep your bay leaves jar stocked up. 

Our spices are all natural products, and as such the bay leaves can break up during the picking process. In trying to promote waste-free spices, scoops will include these broken pieces and imperfect shapes and sizes. This is perfectly natural and they still taste amazing.

*1/2 cup is bigger than the average jar.

We source many of our spices from Soil Associate Organic Certified producers and are working towards certification ourselves.



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Chicken biryani - £2.75

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Creamy Coconut Dal - £2.00

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